Paying More . . . and Getting a Lot Less from Your College?

Barry Lenson

Paying More . . . and Getting a Lot Less from Your College?

Paying More . . .  and Getting a Lot Less from Your College?  Many students are reporting that they are paying a lot more money and getting less from the colleges that they attend. But even if that is the case for you, chances are that you are still getting a lot more than the students who would like to enroll in one section of a Psychological Statistics course at California State University Northridge. According to the University Ventures Newsletter, here are some of the absurd, insulting requirements that the course’s professor has placed on students.

To quote from the course syllabus  . . .

  • Students are warned that if they do work using a pen, cross-outs or messy work (at the judgment of the instructor) will NOT be tolerated and will get the students a zero score.
  • Posted on the web are 43+ pages of study questions… The instructor will NOT answer any questions regarding these questions.
  • Do not submit the lab assignments under the instructor’s door, in the instructor’s mailbox or the psychology department office. Such submissions will be discarded and you will receive a zero score.
  • Unstapled assignments will be given a score of zero.
  • Emails to the instructor concerning one’s grade or grading component will not be answered.
  • If you are the type of person who uses a computer to take notes, you need to take this course from some other instructor. Any student caught using a computer during lecture will be asked to drop the class.
  • If a cell phone rings during an exam, the exam session ends for ALL students.
  • If there are any components of the class that you do not like drop this course immediately and take it from another instructor.
  • This is an extremely stressful class. If you are on medication or suffer from severe stress, please do not take this course from this instructor. There are other instructors who are a lot less stressful to the student. Please take this course (Psy 320/L) from them.
  • If you are unable to comply with these important rules, drop this course immediately and take it from someone else where these rules are NOT important to them.

Unstapled assignments will be given a score of zero? Where are we, kindergarten?

Granted, this course syllabus seems unusual and extreme. Most instructors, after all, love teaching and are eager to go the extra mile for their students. Wherever you are attending college, we hope that’s the case for you.  


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