Parents: How to Get Your Waitlisted Community College Kid Back into Class

Barry Lenson

Above: Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey Discusses the  National Couch Potato Crisis

Junior or Junette seems to be spending a ton of time on the couch these days. And there seems to be a good reason. He or she was planning to take courses this term in a community college near you. But now those courses have been cancelled. Or they’re full. And when you ask your kid to describe his or her “Plan B” for getting back into class, he or she mumbles something inaudible and fires up another episode of “Girls” on HBO.

Well, you can’t really blame your kid. Or can you? After all, being shut out of a class seems like a pretty ironclad reason for lying around for a couple of months until it is possible to try again.

“Hey Mom, I’m shut out. What am I supposed to do? I’ll try again later on.”

The problem is, there might not be any “later on” for community colleges. From coast to coast, many are having severe budgetary problems. Some of the biggest community colleges in California could soon lose their accreditation and maybe even shut their doors. We’re talking about a national crisis here.

So, how can you get your kid out of neutral and back in gear?

Here’s one solution to that problem. It’s pretty likely that the course that your kid needed is available right here at StraighterLine, in an ultra-convenient online format. Better yet, that course will cost you a lot less at StraighterLine than it would have at your hometown community college. And to sweeten the deal even more, your son or daughter will be able to transfer the credits he or she earns to a great college and keep his educational activities moving forward.

So, what kind of courses can your Joseph or Josephine take here at StraighterLine? Here’s a quick look. Chances are that several of them will replace the ones that he or she couldn’t get into at your local community college . . .

  • English Composition I - No matter what you study or where you go to college, English Composition I is required for graduation. Your kid can knock it off online.
  • Western Civilization I - Western Civilization I, or History 101, is a required course at many colleges and universities, regardless of a student’s major. Get off the couch and take it here.
  • Science classes of all kinds – We’ve got a terrific selection of the science courses your kid needs right here at StraighterLine. Some of them even allow your young scientist to fulfill the requirement for a science class with a laboratory component.

Those are only a few of the possibilities.

But one problem leads to another and once your kid is busily studying online, you are going to be faced with taking control of your family flat screen again and making some tough decisions about what you are going to watch.  We’re recommend “Girls.” Heck, your kid probably left your TV tuned to HBO, which airs the show. All you have to do it hit the “On” switch, kick back, and a new life can be yours.

California Countdown

If you’re a student at Golden West College in Huntington Beach,  January 28th will be your last day to register for classes this term. Will you get the courses you need? If not, StraighterLine could have the courses you are looking for.

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