• The Summer and Online Study . . . Perfect Together!

    Barry Lenson

    In the coming weeks, we’ll be serving up a stream of posts about why the summer is such a great time to take college courses – both online and in the classroom. Today, let’s take a look at some reasons why summer is such a good time to sign up, log in, and start learning. Reason one:  You can front-load the courses you’re required to take in September. Let’s say you’ve just been admitted to the college of your choice, and you’ve gotten a list of the courses you’ll be required to take. Why not take some of those college courses online ahead of time – either to clear them from your schedule in the fall or get practice before you enter the “real” college classroom? Reason two:  You can turn vacations into learn ...

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  • The Legacy Factor

    Barry Lenson

    For years, it’s been an open secret that students get preferential treatment when applying to the colleges that their parents attended. Is that fair? It depends. Colleges think it is a good idea. Applicants who lack the right connections tend to disagree. Colleges have fielded a number of justifications for the practice. Some of these reasons sound good, others less so. Some colleges say that legacy candidates are stronger applicants because they grew up in households that placed a high value on education. Of course, that justification doesn’t explain why the child of a Princeton grad doesn’t get insider status when applying to Yale, Brown or another Ivy League school. One reason for legacy admission is obvious, however. Alum ...

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  • Five Tips to Create a Strong Resume

    Jaime Dalbke

    In the current economy, more than ever it is critical for a job seeker to have a resume that stands out. A resume is a sales document and you are the item for sale! It takes some work to write a crisp, clear, well-organized resume, but hopefully the end result will be worth it. Following are some pointers for creating a well-written, eye-catching resume: Put the most relevant and important information first.  From top to bottom, your resume should be organized with the most vital information coming first and the least important coming last. Typically, that means your relevant employment experience will come first, and less important items such as personal interests and hobbies will come last. Don’t hide your strengths – highlight ...

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  • Study Abroad Next Year

    Jaime Dalbke

    If you think that only students at brick-and-mortar colleges get to study overseas, we have some good news for you. Online learners get to study abroad too, in lots of exciting places. Here are two examples of programs that don’t discriminate against online learners . . . Instituto Hemingway offers many Spanish-language courses in Bilbao, Spain. One particularly useful choice is Business Spanish. Typical tuition cost is 170 Euros weekly – about $231.00.  Housing is not included, but the program can arrange for an internship that will help you pay for your studies. The Sorbonne in Paris offers a one-semester study abroad program for about $4,000 US. You can study French, art, European history or other topics at this historical ...

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  • Teach People Stuff? Is That Our Job?

    Jaime Dalbke

    More colleges are requiring students to take additional courses before they arrive on campus Once upon a time, a college freshman could arrive on campus with writing or math skills that were just a tick below admissions standards. And guess what? The college offered them courses that would address those shortcomings. Then colleges began to realize that they could require freshmen to take preparatory courses before they moved their trunks into the dorm. Perhaps that shift came when colleges realized that they were paying tons of money to offer remedial courses. According to a recent study, American colleges and universities have been paying somewhere between $2.3 and $2.9 billion each year to bring new students “up to speed on mater ...

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