Our College List of Lists

Barry Lenson

It looks like the folks at the Princeton Review, BusinessWeek and other publications have been passing the summer by making lists of colleges that fit into different categories – the best party schools, the best value schools, and more.

To put all our lists in one basket, we compiled this list of lists. Get ready to click and enjoy . . . 

List of colleges that offer the best value.

List of schools that are not worth the money.

List of top 10 party schools.

List of colleges with the most beautiful campuses.

List of colleges with the least beautiful campuses.

List of colleges with the least happy students.

List of colleges that offer the best financial aid.

List of the most gay-friendly colleges.

List of the preppiest colleges.

List of the most and least religious colleges.

Editors of Princeton Review and BusinessWeek, may we suggest . . . 

How about a list of schools with the best and worst food? Or a list of campuses with the best campus safety? Or a list of colleges with the best workout facilities? Or a list of dog-friendly schools, or of the schools with the fattest squirrels?  

Summer isn’t over yet, so get going. There’s still plenty of time to make more lists. 

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