Online Learning: The Tool that's Missing from the Government's College Completion Toolkit

Barry Lenson

Online Learning: The Tool that's Missing from the Government's College Completion Toolkit

Increase the Number of U.S. College Grads On Tuesday, March 22, Vice President Joe Biden announced a new $20 million initiative to increase the number of Americans who hold college degrees. You can read about the new program in The College Completion Toolkit, a booklet that is available as a free PDF download

StraighterLine supports this initiative. Even though, as we discussed in an earlier post on this blog, we believe that the program should place more emphasis on the role that online education can play to increase the number of American college graduates. 

Specifically, here are some ways that StraighterLine can help the College Completion Toolkit program reach its goals in the next few years...

  • StraighterLine, through its credit transfer and Partner College programs, makes it far easier for ambitious students to enter four-year, degree-granting institutions and earn degrees. 
  • StraighterLine gives a quicker start. Students don’t need to plan to apply to college and get accepted in April, 2012 – a full year from now. They can simply enroll in college courses online and get started today. 
  • StraighterLine eliminates the high costs that prevent many students from starting college. Our innovative Freshman Year of College for $999 program can let many American students start college without applying for scholarships, grants or loans. 
  • StraighterLine allows students to start and stay in college, even if they are parents, working professionals or military service people. If the number of American college graduates is to increase, members of those groups need to find a way to start college – and StraighterLine offers a solution to the problem. 
  • StraighterLine courses involve a low cost of failure to students. If you’re a student who is considering entering a particular career field –  accounting, one of the fast-growing health care professions, or something else – StraighterLine courses offer a great way to test those fields without spending a fortune on college tuition. 
  • StraighterLine courses academically pre-qualify students for later college study. Once a student has completed StraighterLine coursework online in a particular field of study, he or she is prepared to study it more successfully in college. 
  • StraighterLine doesn’t take a penny of taxpayers’ money. By keeping the cost of courses low, StraighterLine enables students to take courses without needing scholarships, student loans, or government-funded grants. 

If you’re eager to become one of America’s new college graduates, remember that you are welcome to get started today at StraighterLine. 

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