Online Learning Creates a Learning Climate in Your Home

Barry Lenson

Over the years, many studies have shown that children who grow up in homes where learning and education are valued enjoy significant benefits in life . . .

  • They stay in school.
  • They go on to earn college degrees.
  • They enjoy more success in adult life.

If you are a parent, how can you create a learning environment that pays your children significant benefits like those?

  1. Read to them from the crib onwards. Multiple studies show that this is your first step toward getting your kids to value learning.
  2. Bring the educational process into your home by taking college courses online. There aren’t any studies yet that indicate that children of distance learners value education more. But I’m willing to bet that such studies are in the research pipeline. After all, online learning is moving to center stage in American life.
  3. Make learning a topic of family conversation every day. Have some real in-depth conversations with your kids about what they are learning in school. Then talk about what you are learning in your coursework and do the same. I have put this idea into practice in my own home and I can tell you, there’s no better way to establish learning as a family value.
  4. Let your children see you at work online. Sure, it’s tempting to want to hole up in a bedroom or home office to pursue your online college courses. But as much as you can, let your kids see you at work. At the very least, tell your kids “I am going to my online college” instead of simply disappearing behind a closed door.
  5. Share some  learning experiences with your children. Go to science and other museums, watch college lectures online, or find other ways to move education from the sidelines to the center of your family life.  A thirst for knowledge is a viral thing.

If you practice these habits, your children will benefit. And something else. You just might learn something too.

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