Online Learning and the Military: PERFECT Together

Barry Lenson

Military Education Benefits and Online Learning PERFECT Together

We just spent some time poking around a terrific Website for veterans and current members of the armed services. It’s Military.Com, and it’s jam-packed with practical articles and forums for current and returning military personnel.

In a post on the site’s Educational Forum this week, a veteran named Greg asks a question that must be on the minds of many vets who are returning to civilian life:

hello all i have been out of school for about a year now and want to go back. i am in the Army national guard with 100% tuition assistance and was wondering what colleges are good for online degrees and work well with military personnel especially in a deployment situation like the one i am in. i want to pursue a degree in Secondary Education but is not a requirement of mine. bottom line is i just want to find a good college that is reasonable in price and is workable on a military schedule . . . would like more opinions in this matter. thanks a lot – greg

Greg, we would like to make a few suggestions to you, and to other military personnel who are looking for cost-effective ways to earn college degrees . . .

Consider online college courses. It’s ideally suited for people who could be deployed. When you are a distance learner, your classroom is your computer, and you can be located anywhere.

Look for great value. At StraighterLine, you can complete your first year of college for $999, then transfer the credits you earn to many American colleges through the ACE program. It’s hard to think of a way to start college more economically than that. Plus, StraighterLine courses are winning rave reviews from the students who take them.

Take a close look at StraighterLine’s Partner Colleges. Excelsior College, for example, has a long and proud history of welcoming veterans – the college even has special counselors on campus who are dedicated to helping military men and women. But Excelsior is not the only StraighterLine Partner College that welcomes military personnel – all of them do.

Men and women in uniform, StraighterLine is a choice that you should be considering. When it comes to making higher education more affordable and available, we are here for you.

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