Online Classes: You Can Study almost Anything Online

Barry Lenson

Online Classes: You Can Study almost Anything Online

Online Classes: Study almost Anything Online  Everyone knows that you can take courses in math, psychology, business, and many other mainstream subjects online.

But as America’s infatuation with online learning has grown, it is now possible to study online to prepare for a number of unusual professions too. Here’s a selection of unusual skills that you can learn online – and if you click the links below, you will discover that the courses described are pretty serious  . . .

  • Become an aromatherapist. Even though you cannot smell anything through your computer (unless your hard drive is burning up) you can still take courses online and learn to provide healthful therapy by administering the aromas of flowers and herbs. You can study online at The Aromahead Institute.
  • Become a taxidermist. You can learn to preserve deer, coyotes, fish and even household pets, thanks to online classes from the American Institute of Taxidermy. To quote from a video on that website, “The squirrel course is a good place to start.”
  • Hone your trampoline skills and become a professional trampoline coach. Okay, you can’t actually earn a degree in trampolining, but you can add bounce to your skills by taking the free online course offered by the Advanced Trampoline Course.
  • Train to work as a medium or a psychic. Online courses are now being offered by several organizations, including

Incidentally, I am not poking fun at any of the pursuits or professions mentioned above. The goal of today’s post is simply to showcase the wide range of subjects that are now taught online. So get clicking and see what the world of online learning has to offer you.

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