How An Olympic Hopeful Fit Education Into His Training Schedule

Beth Dumbauld

For Aidyn Gangemi, a high school junior, taking English Composition I wasn’t just a matter of becoming a better writer, but also about finding something that fit into his busy schedule. Because Aidyn spends at least six hours a day training as a competitive ice dancer, he needed a course that was flexible and convenient.

Aidyn thought about taking a CLEP exam, but decided against it. “With CLEP exams you are flying by the seat of your pants and hoping you pass,” says Aidyn’s mother Deb. “And if you fail – BUMMER – you’ll have to wait to take it again.”

Aidyn knew he wanted a course that would fit into his schedule, but also set clear guidelines and provided feedback and structure. After some research, he selected StraighterLine’s English Composition I with Professor Sarah Tidwell. He knew he would be doing more writing in a StraighterLine course than he would for a CLEP exam, but was ready for the online course experience. “It was a good thing because I was learning and could soak up the information. I wasn’t the best at writing – and this really helped me fill in the blanks. I could log on and know what I had to do next, so I could schedule myself.”

Throughout the course, his mother Deb watched him grow as a student and a writer. “High school students can do this type of work,” she says. “StraighterLine truly allows students to learn, and not hate it. You can be in control of your learning.”

At his own pace, Aidyn successfully completed the online course in less than 10 weeks – just in time for competition season for ice dancing. He has big dreams: “Long term, I plan on working towards a degree in Criminal Justice. And going to the Olympics! There will be lots of learning and growing.”

If Aidyn can find time for his education with his Olympic schedule, we know you can do it too. Request a degree plan to find the right path to your degree.


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