October 5th Is World Teachers' Day. . . Get Involved!

Barry Lenson

World Teachers' Day. . . Get Involved!

If you ask 10 people to name someone who changed their lives for the better, I am willing to bet that at least five of them will name a teacher. I don’t think that members of other professions will come anywhere close. Not doctors, not kindly old uncles . . . and maybe not even ministers, priests, imams or rabbis.

There are many reasons why teachers take the lead in shaping our lives. One is that they come into contact with us at the very time we are learning and encountering new ideas that influence who we become. Another is that because they are not in our families, they often introduce concepts that are new to us, and which therefore have the power to stretch us and open our minds to new ways of thinking.

In recognition of the influence that teachers have on our lives, The National Education Association has declared that October 5, 2012, will be World Teachers’ Day.  The theme this year is a powerful one – “Teachers for gender equality.

If a teacher has made a difference in your life, you might want to visit a special website that has been created for the day. There, you can send an ecard to a teacher who has made a difference in your life, upload pictures of your favorite teacher, tweet the story of a teacher who you love, and more.

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