October 20: A Day to Tone Up Your Writing Skills

Barry Lenson

October 20: A Day to Tone Up Your Writing Skills

The National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) sponsored the first National Day on Writing back in 2009. This year, it falls on October 20. And it gained momentum this year when the U.S. Senate passed Resolution S.298, which declared October 20 The National Day on Writing.

What’s planned this year? As in previous years, people who love to write are encouraged to submit their work to the National Gallery of Writing. Since the National Day of Writing was first held in 2009, more than 33,000 written contributions have been submitted to it.

What else is planned for this year? Visit the home page of The National Day on Writing to find out. One of our favorite sections on the website is called “Why I Write.” There, you’ll find entries from dozens of professional writers who explain why writing has provided them with fulfillment, wisdom and professional success.

There is no doubt about it. The ability to write well can help you build your success too. If you write well, that skill really does set you apart in today’s world, even if you are writing something as simple as a cover letter when you are applying for a job. A well-constructed letter attracts immediate attention and helps hiring companies identify you as a strong applicant. And if you write a letter that contains errors, that attracts attention too – the wrong kind.

How can you tone up your writing skills? StraighterLine offers some terrific courses to help you get the job done. English Composition I is the place to start. Another great course is English Composition II, which builds your writing skills even further. And if you are angling toward a career in business, check out Business Communication, a course that helps you master the art of writing business letters, memos and reports.

The National Day on Writing is reminder that writing well is a critical skill. Let’s all use it as a nudge to improve our writing – and reap the rewards – in the year to come.


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