Occupy Wall Street Movement Airs Frustration with American Higher Education

Barry Lenson

Occupy Wall Street Movement Airs Frustration with American Higher Education

Occupy Wall Street Movement Several publications, including The Washington Times, have published lists of the “official” demands that Occupy Wall Street protesters are making. Oddly, the page that seems to be the group’s “official website” doesn’t have any such list, at least not on the day when we checked. Maybe the members of the group had taken it down temporarily so they could add more demands to it.

The “official” list that is published in The Washington Times contains a lot of demands. According to this version, the protestors want a guaranteed living wage for every American, free universal health care for everybody, unrestricted U.S. borders, trillions of dollars to rebuild roads and replant forests, and lots of other rather extreme stuff. But there is just one educational demand, which is voiced in the simplest words:

Demand four: Free College Education

That’s quite a demand. Pretty hard to wrap your head around it, actually. Is it a demand that is being voiced by thousands of grass-roots activists, or one that was cooked up by two people somewhere late at night? Hard to tell. But in either case, it could be taken as another sign that students are becoming increasingly frustrated about the absurdly high cost of getting an education in America.

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