Now StraighterLine Students Can Have Study Groups Too

Barry Lenson

Study groups happen when a group of students who are taking the same course realize that it would be efficient to study together. And presto – a study group is born. Just add coffee and donuts and a place to meet, and the group is off and running.

Why are study groups so popular? It’s because they make learning easier.

According to, “A study group can be helpful when you are trying to learn information and concepts and preparing for class discussions and tests.”

Here are other benefits that the article points out too:

  1. A support group can pick you up when your motivation to study is slipping, because other group members can be a source of encouragement.
  2. You become more committed to study because the group members are depending on your participation.
  3. Other group members are likely to understand something you do not, and bring up ideas you never considered.
  4. You can compare class notes and fill in gaps. If you miss a class, you have a safety net.

Who Should You Invite to Join Your Group? 

 Here are five questions to ask, according to

  1. Is this classmate motivated to do well? Does he or she understand the subject matter?
  2. Is he or she dependable?
  3. Would he or she be tolerant of the ideas of others?
  4. Would you like to work with this classmate?

Now if you are taking a college course online, you are probably wondering how you can set up a study group. StraighterLine has just set up a referral service that makes it easier to invite other students to join you in the virtual classroom.

Being a distance learner doesn’t mean going it alone. Why not team up and enrich your distance learning experience?

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