New York Times Reporter Takes MOOC courses and Tells All

Barry Lenson

Reporter Takes MOOC courses and Tells AllA New York Times reporter named A.J. Jacobs recently took a handful of Massive Open Online Courses. He then reported about them in an article that appeared in the Times on April 20, entitled “Two Cheers for Web U!”

Jacobs even created this report card for the MOOC courses that he took...

  • Jacobs awarded his professors a grade of B+.
  • He awarded convenience a grade of A.
  • He awarded teacher-student interaction a grade of D.
  • He awarded student-to-student a grade of B-.
  • He awarded assignments a grade of B-.
  • He gave his overall MOOC course experience a B.

Jacobs also offers some fun anecdotes about certain classmates who developed crushes on online professors, about his own frustrated efforts to develop relationships with online Profs and other students, and more.

We wish that Jacobs had taken some courses online with us StraighterLine, because we know he would have given us higher grades than he gave those MOOCs. Plus, StraighterLine could have helped him get college credit for the courses he took. Apparently he did not try to do that for the MOOCs that he took.

But as articles like Jacobs’s show, distance learning is on everyone’s radar these days, and both reporters and readers want to know all they can about it. So Mr. Jacobs, here we are. Please come find us and test out some StraighterLine courses. Needless to say, you will be more than welcome in our digital classrooms.

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