New Study: StraighterLine Students Can Transfer Credits Easily to Colleges and Universities

Barry Lenson

New Study: StraighterLine Students Can Transfer Credits Easily to Colleges and Universities

Transferring College CreditsHow easy is it to transfer the credits that you earned at StraighterLine to your regular college, or to another institution?

StraighterLine recently retained Hezel Associates LLC, a research company, to survey StraighterLine students to find out.

Hezel conducted a web-based survey, sending out 1334 survey invitations to 895 students who had completed StraighterLine courses and 439 students who had started courses, but not completed them.  The results of the survey reveal a lot about StraighterLine, its students, and the current state of American higher education too.

So, how easy is it to transfer StraighterLine credits to colleges and universities?

This is a critical concern for many StraighterLine students who are eager to take college courses online and then transfer the credits earned to other colleges and universities. Here are results from the survey.

The majority of students who completed courses with StraighterLine were able to easily get credit for their courses at degree-granting institutions.  Some details . . .

  • Half of the survey respondents were enrolled at StraighterLine Partner Colleges while taking a StraighterLine course, and therefore were guaranteed of receiving credit for their courses.
  • Among students at non-partner institutions, nearly eighty percent who sought credit from their home institutions for their StraighterLine course were successful. Most of these students were only required to submit a transcript in order to get the credit applied.

So if you are eager to earn college credits at low cost and transfer them to another school, StraighterLine is your top choice.

To learn more, be sure to visit StraighterLine's Credit Transfer Center now!

Download the full report now and read all the findings.

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