New Study: Cost Is the Top Reason Students Choose to Study Online

Barry Lenson

New Study: Cost Is the Top Reason Students Choose to Study Online

Cost Is the Top Reason Students Choose to Study Online  “Cost Tops Quality for Students Seeking Web Courses,” a post by Melissa Korn on The Wall Street Journal’s Real Time Economics blog, defines some of the most important reasons that students are opting for online courses today.

Korn cites research conducted by Chris Ross, a consultant at The Parthenon Group, who polled 1,500 students from families with an income of $80,000 or less. Ross found that students are choosing online courses for these reasons . . .

  • Cost
  • Convenience
  • Quality of education
  • The chance of getting a job after earning a degree

“With price tags ballooning,” Korn writes, “jobs hard to come by, schools cutting back on grants and scholarships and families increasingly worried about saddling graduates with long-lasting debt, it’s no surprise that cost is top of mind.”

There are other reasons that students choose to online too. They are not mentioned by Korn. Online students can take courses even though they are working or parenting. They can take courses even if they are in the military and stationed overseas. They can take online courses at their own pace and achieve better grades – and get more powerful credentials working for them when they begin to look for jobs.

Saving money is great. But it is only one reason students are migrating toward online learning today.

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