New Course Profile: Introduction to Sociology

Barry Lenson

New College Course Profile: Introduction to Sociology

StraighterLine recently introduced some terrific new college courses. Today, we’d like to tell you about one of them . . .

Introduction to Sociology

If you’ve never studied sociology, chances are that you will find it fascinating to explore the dynamics of how people behave when they come together to form societies. This terrific introductory college course covers many topics in depth, including . . .

  • Class structures within societies.
  • Social institutions such as churches, colleges and universities, healthcare providers, and government agencies.
  • Inequality, social change, and social structures.
  • Climate and environment as influences on social structures.
  • The economy as a product of societal structures and norms.
  • The family as a social structure.

No mistake about it, studying sociology can help you better understand our society, other countries and world cultures - and maybe even your place in the world. Plus, this course satisfies humanities requirements at many colleges, and the credits it earns can be transferred to colleges through the American Council on Education Credit.

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