Networking for College Students: New Book Explains It All

Barry Lenson

Networking for College Students: New Book Explains It All

Networking for College Students

The professional contacts you make while you are going to college can be the most important you will ever make in life. You can establish ties to influential alumni, faculty members, other students who are on the way to success, and important  people who visit campus.

But how do you put your professional package together and start making the most of all those resources?

If you don’t have a clue – or if you could use to brush up your networking skills – here’s a new book that can help you put all the pieces together. It’s Networking for College Students (and Recent Graduates): Nonstop Business Networking that Will Change Your Life by Michael L. Faulkner and Andrea Nierenberg. Check it out.

It will help you tone up your networking techniques in these key areas:

  • How to understand what networking is.
  • How to build your personal brand.
  • How to identify the people who should be in your network.
  • How to build ties to people by using empathy, confidence, caring, support and enthusiasm.
  • How to organize and keep track of your network.

By the way, networking is critically important for distance learners too. So whether you attend an electronic campus or one with real buildings, here’s a book that can help you make the most of some prime networking years.


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