National Chemistry Week

Barry Lenson

Welcome to National Chemistry Week

October 21-27 is National Chemistry Week. And the event is a milestone this year, because the American Chemical Society has now been sponsoring it for 25 years. That’s a lot of chemicals!

Whether you are thinking of becoming a chemist or simply are taking a chemistry course in high school or college, you really should head on over to the American Chemical Society (NCS) home page to see what’s happening this week. Some highlights . . .

  • This year’s theme is Nanotechnology. That’s timely. Devices of many kinds are shrinking, from cellphones to implantable medical devices to computers.
  • There are nanotechnology-related events across the country. You can search on the NCS site to find out what’s happening in your state.
  • If you’re a teacher, you can download books of fun activities for your students. You’ll find them in downloadable Celebrating Chemistry PDFs on the site.

New Chemistry Videos to Help You Learn . . . 

Incidentally, StraighterLine believes in chemistry education too. That’s why we are introducing more chemistry videos every week on our YouTube channel, and adding online chemistry courses too. Check them out! They can really help you learn.

And remember, becoming a chemist can be a wise career choice today. As you’ve noticed, high-tech and manufacturing companies are gaining momentum and hiring as our economy strengthens. You can be part of the trend!

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