Mow Down The Costs of College by Taking Online Summer Classes

Beth Dumbauld

Mow Down The Costs of College by Taking Online Summer Classes

Guest Post Cut Down The Costs of College by Beth Dumbauld

This summer it would be easy to take refuge in a hammock and let everything grow wild. Though it’s hard to say how your neighbors would feel about living next door to a suburban jungle, it’s easy to imagine how your college dreams could be thwarted by a summer of neglect. So take out your clippers, sharpen your blades and keep your brain well-tended by reading this StraighterLine Report: The Do’s and Don’ts of Taking Summer College Courses for High School Students, College Students, and Adult Learners

The Nobel Prizes won’t be announced until October this year. In the meantime, as you wait to hear your name called, why not give yourself the best prize of all: a college education. Learn how taking low-cost college courses for credit this summer can solidify your reputation as the smartest person around by reading: Summer School Not For Dummies Anymore

Please sir, can I have s’more college credit? Are you one of those students who can’t get enough of earning advanced college credits? Do you keep images of your completed college transfer credit reports scrolling on your phone along with number of dollars saved? Do you mock others who buy into the antiquated idea of paying name-brand prices for basic college classes like calculus, English composition, or macroeconomics? If this sounds like you, load up your best boy band scream and try not to faint at the sight of this StraighterLine Report: How to Earn a Semester Off in College using AP Credits

Most people do it when they go back to college. Some do it at home; others at an office. Some prefer to do it outside; others prefer to do it at night. Whether you are going to school part-time or full-time, you can do it too: work and earn your degree. For some great tips, check out: Working While Going to College: It Can Be Done

Do the mathletes and chess club kids get all the attention in your high school? Don’t sweat it. You can become one of the cool kids next year when you take online college courses this summer. Learn how by reading this StraighterLine Report: Taking College Courses in High School

Beth Dumbauld is a writer who is passionate about helping others save money and time. She received her MBA from the University of Colorado and currently lives near Cincinnati, Ohio.

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