StraighterLine Student Success Brochure

StraighterLine is a student success and college readiness company that can help your institution improve retention and admit more college ready students. If you considering moving courses online please keep reading to see if StraighterLine is able to support your needs.

Our online course platform and variety of refer-and-return pathway programs can help your institution deliver an online course solution to your students.

Our online courses are open to all students and we encourage you to learn more about us by downloading our StraighterLine Student Success Brochure and consider referring your students to StraighterLine.

In our online brochure, you will learn more about how we help students overcome challenges, including:

  • Schedule flexibility needs
  • Work-life situations
  • Out of Attendance
  • Financial aid caps and other financial pressures

You will also discover how StraighterLine achieves positive student outcomes in a 100% online learning environment and why hundreds of colleges and universities refer their students to StraighterLine each month.

There’s no costs to your school for working with StraighterLine and we do not require a formal agreement to support students from your school.

Download Now: StraighterLine Student Success Brochure

Interested in partnering with StraighterLine? Visit: or call (844) 407-1242. 

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