Move Your Education into High Gear in the New Year

Barry Lenson

Move Your Education into High Gear in the New Year

The New Year’s resolutions in this post aren’t just any New Year’s resolutions. They are all resolutions that you can achieve by using computerized learning. Let’s take a closer look some important things you can achieve in 2012 by taking courses online . . .

  • Learn more about a subject that has always interested you. It could be psychology, history, a science – you name it.
  • Fill in an educational gap from your past. In my case, I had a very hard time passing algebra in high school, and now I am planning to take an online algebra course this year that will prove I can do it. (Never too late, right?)
  • Start college. Now, that is no lightweight resolution for 2012.  But online courses represent the fastest, most convenient, and most cost-effective way to start going to college. No putting it off! This could be the year to make it happen.
  • Finish college. This is related to “start college,” just above. If you are one of the many people who need to complete a course or two in order to finish up a college degree, this could be the year to do it. And if you take courses online, you can do so at minimal expense.
  • Explore a new college major. Online courses offer you an effective way to explore a new major subject without risk. If you take a StraighterLine course in a new subject and discover that it is not for you for example, you will not have a bad grade or a “late drop” appear on your permanent record. Try that at your regular college.

Those are only a handful of the things you can accomplish this year through online learning. By picking the right courses and making the right plans, you can make 2012 the year that moves you closer to fulfilling your educational dreams.


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