Motivate Yourself to Beat the Summer Blues

Barry Lenson

Motivate Yourself to Beat the Summer Blues

Beat the Summer Blues  Have you got a case of the Summer Blues?

Don’t worry, it’s not a dangerous medical condition, just a mental state that can leave with you no motivation to get much out of your summer.  If you’re exhibiting one or two of these symptoms, you could have a pretty bad case . . .

  • Now that summer has actually arrived, it doesn’t look too exciting any more. It looks like it will be long and hot and boring.
  • You caught yourself secretly thinking that you’ll be relieved when school starts again in September.
  • You’ve just friended three people on Facebook who you don’t really like, just because they post a lot and you need something to do.
  • Your friends have lined up more exciting stuff to do than you have. Maybe one of them is on an archeological dig in Peru and you’re filling drive-through orders at Burger Wiz.
  • The internships and jobs you applied for didn’t work out. Or maybe you have one that starts in August and you have weeks and weeks to kill.
  • You went to the mall yesterday, even though you didn’t need to buy anything.
  • Mom and Dad need the car every day and you’re using your Schwinn to get around.

You’re getting the idea. People who have the Summer Blues have no motivation. They regret the fact that they haven’t cooked up something exciting or unusual to do over the summer months.  However, it is still early in the summer, and you have plenty of time to break out of the ennui and get some good stuff done. Here are some steps that are worth considering.

Team up with some fellow sufferers and create some opportunities.  You and your best friends can break out of the doldrums together by cooking up ways to make money together. You could start a babysitting service, help the residents of a local retirement community set up their computers, tutor younger students on the SAT, clean pools, or mow lawns. 

Blitz a medical building. The fact is, there are few better places to find summer jobs than large buildings where dozens of doctors have offices. Take a pile of resumes to one of them and visit every receptionist in every office suite. Say that you are looking for a summer job. Some of those receptionists will need coverage while they are on vacation, and chances are good that you will get a job. You can try the same tactic in office buildings too.

Take some courses online. They can be real motivators if you use them for the following purposes . . .

-          Earn some college credits over the summer. You can use the credits to lighten your course load in September, complete a required course – maybe even graduate from college a semester earlier and save a lot of money.

-          Take courses now so you’ll be well prepared to take them “for real” when school starts next year.  If you’ve got to take an introduction to accounting course next year, for example, take a similar course over the summer to make the course easier and boost your grade.

-          Make a better choice about your college major. Thinking of majoring in criminal justice, sociology, or pharmacology? Taking the right courses online can reduce the risk of making the wrong choice.

Those are only a few cures for the Summer Blues. Our advice? Motivate yourself to earn some college credits over the summer.

If you’ve got some cures of your own, why not take a sec and let us know what they are? The cures you have found might help other people out there who have developed a bad case of their own.

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