What These Mothers Know About Going Back To College – And You Should Too

Beth Dumbauld

Online education is ideal for moms who want to go back to school and earn their degree ­– and Mother’s Day is an ideal time to put you, and your dreams in the spotlight.

This Mother’s Day, we’re highlighting successful StraighterLine students, who also happen be mothers, to show you how you how it really can be done – you can go back to college and earn your college degree.

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Moms Have Dreams Too

With your busy life, and competing responsibilities, online courses offer you a flexible and affordable way to earn your college degree. Online courses easily transfer into career-focused degree programs and help moms just like you fit earning a college degree into a family budget, reenter the workforce, and advance in a career.

#1 - Flexibility is Criticalmelissa-molina

Melissa Molina, a working mother with a toddler at home, completed seven StraighterLine courses – with plans to take more. She enrolled at Excelsior College, a StraighterLine Partner College – where she successfully transferred her courses, and got on the fast track to earn her degree.

Her advice to other moms wanting to fit college and studying into a busy schedule?

Flexible courses are critical:

"Online was a better option for me. I was working a job. I am the mother of a toddler. I have family responsibilities. My life is like that. Once I started taking courses, it turned out that I can do my coursework over my lunch breaks, on weekends, whenever time is available."

#2: Keep Your College Costs Lowmargaret_robertson_small

Margaret Robertson, mother of five, grandmother to two, went back to school to start a new journey in her life after the economy started going down. She enrolled at Ashford University, a StraighterLine Partner College – where she successfully transferred three StraighterLine courses, with plans to transfer three more, and immediately began applying her course lessons to her real-life.

Her advice to other moms wanting to go back to college affordably?

Taking online college courses keeps you college costs low:

"StraighterLine is a simple solution to the economic issues we are facing with debt and college. I am happy to be an advocate for StraighterLine!


I have not only recommended StraighterLine to other people, I also keep a link and share and recommend it to those that are struggling because of high college costs and the difficulty of qualifying for financial aid."

#3: Self-Paced Courses Lets You Complete Prerequisites QuicklyChristine_Natelli_MS

Christine Natelli, working mom to a preschooler, used online college course to make a career change into nursing. She enrolled at Western Governors University, a StraighterLine Partner College, after successfully completing required nursing prequisite coursework at StraighterLine.

Her advice to other moms wanting to make a career change?

"I already had a Master’s degree in psychology, but I wanted to do a career change into nursing. I was looking for a cost-effective school where I could complete the coursework at my own pace, and after viewing several other options, I decided StraighterLine by far was the best option for me.


I really wish I had found StraighterLine before I spent a great deal of money on my education. I could have saved a lot of money, time, and headache. Have I recommended StraighterLine to my friends? Yes I have, and I do.  StraighterLine gets an A++ from me."

These mothers prove, just because someone calls you mom, you don’t have to sacrifice your dreams.

Inspired? I know we are.

Moms, if you are thinking about going back to school, which degrees are you considering? What is your dream career? 

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