More Evidence that American Higher Education is Pricing Itself out of Reach

Barry Lenson

More Evidence that American Higher Education is Pricing Itself out of Reach

“Surging college costs price out middle class,” an article written by Annalyn Censky for last week, adds still more evidence that colleges are pricing themselves beyond the reach of average American families and students.

We’d urge you to spend some time reading the article. But until you can, here are some highlights of the statistics it reports . . .

  • Tuition and fees at public universities have surged almost 130% over the last 20 years, according to The College Board. In that same period, incomes have stagnated for middle class Americans .
  • Families and students are taking on much higher debt loads to close that gap.
  • The amount of available Federal student loan aid has also stayed stuck since 1992 at $23,000 for a four-year college degree.
  • To try to ease the burden, a growing number of students are opting to get two-year degrees, and to train for professions where employment remains high.
  • Two-thirds of students who graduate from four-year institutions owe an average of $23,186.

How can you beat all the high cost and the massive debt that takes an average of 20 years to repay, according to the article? One great way is to make economical online courses part of your educational strategy.

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