More American Universities Rely on Foreign Students to Keep their Budgets Balanced

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Going to College in America: More American Universities Rely on Foreign Students to Keep their Budgets Balanced

American Universities

“Taking More Seats on Campus, Foreigners Also Pay the Freight,” an article by Tamar Lewin in the New York Times on February 5, reports that more American universities are relying on foreign students to keep their classrooms full and their budgets balanced. At a time when American-born students are finding it hard to pay tuition bills, a growing number of foreign students seem eager to do so.

Here’s some information from the article that you should know . . .

  • Only five years ago, about 10,000 undergraduate students from China were enrolled in American universities. That number has now grown to 57,000.
  • At the University of Washington, 18% of all freshmen now come from abroad, mostly from China. Each of those students pays full-ticket tuition, $28,059. That is roughly three times as much as the average tuition that in-state students from Washington pay.
  • According to the Times article, foreign students’ tuition dollars allow the University of Washington to offer full-tuition scholarships to about one-quarter of the school’s student body. In other words, U Washington is relying on foreign students to balance its budget. 
  • Many universities across the nation, including the state universities of Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa, have at least 10% foreign freshmen this year. Only five years ago, that figure was lower than 5%.
  • At Columbia, Boston University and the University of Pennsylvania, more than 15% of this year’s freshmen class comes from abroad.

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