MOOCs for Credit? Not Quite Yet

Barry Lenson

"MOOCs are certainly welcome to the online education landscape. But they have their limitations. For most students, and especially for adult learners, there is a lot of need for that interaction with faculty and engagement with other students."

-          Frank Mulgrew, president of Post University’s Online Education Institute, quoted in “MOOCs Expand on College Campuses,” by Devon Haynie, US News, June 21, 2013

If you read the article that we cite above, you’ll learn some interesting news about MOOCs.  You’ll discover that a handful of universities are now offering MOOC-style classes to their current and future students.  “By combining in-person instruction with online learning,” Haynie writes, “they hope to personalize the education experience and encourage student engagement.”

Haynie writes that San Jose State University is currently offering MOOCs in this way, and that the University of Colorado and State University of New York systems could soon follow suit.

Note, however, that these for-credit MOOC trends could become more widely available to students who are enrolled in specific universities, or who could soon enroll.  And if you’re hoping to enroll in a MOOC and earn credit for it at your current (or future) college, you could still have a while to wait.

Haynie sums it up this way in her article . . .

“The MOOCs that most people think of – the free courses open to thousands of students – aren't necessarily geared toward students who want to take a course for credit, experts say. Often people sign up because they are curious about a topic or looking to acquire certain skills – not because they have any intention to do homework.”

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