Which College Degree Programs are Best for Military Spouses?

Beth Dumbauld

Military Spouse Appreciation Day is military_coupleMay 10th and we thank all the exceptional spouses who have supported our country for years, alongside their military family members, and have sacrificed so much.

Today, we put the spotlight on you. Let us show you how, even with frequent moves or with children at home, you can flexibly and affordably earn you college degree. We believe in you and your dreams.

You Are Not Alone

As a military spouse, according to a recent joint report from the Defense and Treasury departments, you are:

  • Ten times more likely to have moved across state lines in the last year compared to the total population.
  • Likely to have small children at home. In fact, over 50% of military families have children ages 5 and under! A high percentage of military spouses are also moms and dads to school-age kids (30%) and teenagers (15%).

It can be difficult to start again in a new place, let alone have the capacity to continue working towards your dreams. That is why it is so critical to get the support you need to keep your goals on track no matter where you live, how often you move, where you work, or how many children you have at home.

Support for Your Degree

If you are considering going back to school, there is excellent support out there to help you achieve your goals. The best online college course providers, like StraighterLine, will assist you in creating a plan that is flexible enough to meet your particular needs as a military spouse and affordable enough to help you fit college into your life today.

A comprehensive student support team for online students typically includes the following: student advisors, enrollment counselors, and online tutors. Here’s what to expect:

  • Your student advisor will help you choose the appropriate low-cost online college courses, pick the right degree program for your career goals, and help you avoid a mountain of student debt.
  • Your enrollment counselor will be with you every step of the way to provide the academic guidance you may need when you first enroll in an online course.
  • Your online tutors will provide the one-on-one real time help to get you through challenging course material.

A More Flexible Model for Military Spouses

As a military spouse, you will benefit enormously from one of the growing trends in higher education: self-paced, tutor-supported online courses at extremely affordable prices.

To affordably earn your college degree, your degree plan should include high quality, flexible, low-cost online college course. To maximize the benefits of online learning, your courses should be:

  • Portable – Able to move with you when you move.
  • Transferable – Your courses should easily fit into degree programs and earn you real college credits so you can be qualified for the career you want, no matter where you earn your degree.
  • Available 100% Online – Whether you live on base, are posted abroad, staying at home, working out of the home, or moving in with family or friends, you should have uninterrupted access to your courses.
  • Subscription-Based – A subscription-based program, such as StraighterLine’s $99 per month pricing model (with courses starting at $59), allows you to move through class material at your own pace. Plus, our pricing model offers a very low risk way for military spouses to take classes, particularly if you are frequently on the move. When your life as a military spouse gets complicated, you can pause your membership at any time and restart when you are ready.
  • Ultra Affordable – You should only enroll in online college courses that are extremely affordable. Many online classes offered by brick-and-mortar school are just as expensive as those offered on-campus. With 100% online college course providers,  you can complete your general education courses very quickly and keep your overall cost extraordinarily low.
  • Provide Personalized Support – A quality online college course provider will provide you the help you need, when you need it. Taking online courses should never mean going it alone. When you take self-paced online courses, you will be able to count on a personalized learning experience.

Have a wonderful Military Spouse Appreciation Day. We appreciate you, we believe in you, and are here to support your dreams.


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