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Dr. Bruce JohnsonNow that StraighterLine also offers professor-led online college courses, we thought you might want to know a little more about our professors. We’ve asked each of them to answer a series of questions to help you decide whether you want to enroll in their courses or stick with our more traditional self-paced courses. As with everything else here at StraighterLine, like publishing student course ratings and average pass rates, our goal is to give you the information you need to make the right choices for you.

And with that, it’s time for you to get to know Professor Dr. Bruce Johnson:

What excites you about StraighterLine’s Professor Direct?
I’m excited about the opportunity to connect with students in a unique format that makes education accessible and affordable. I enjoy teaching business courses as I have extensive experience as a manager, leader, trainer, business owner, business consultant, and educator to share with students.

What course/s do you teach at StraighterLine and why should students signup for them?
Introduction to Business

The classes I teach are designed with your needs in mind. The benefit you’ll receive as a student is the online teaching background, real world experience, and academic expertise of your instructor. There will be weekly interactions through discussion questions and you’ll find that this helps to engage you in the process of learning. Most students find that their intellectual curiosity increases and they develop critical thinking skills as we talk about the course topics. In addition, you’ll receive timely and meaningful feedback with your written assignments that will help you build upon your strengths and improve areas of needed development. More importantly, you’ll find that I am actively involved in the class and focused on your progress.

What do you like about teaching online that you can’t do in a traditional classroom?
As an instructor, supporting a student involves providing more than a grade, it means providing feedback about strengths and areas of development. I am responsive to students’ needs, adaptive to changing conditions, and develop a strong virtual presence. I’ve found that when I take a positive approach to student development they are likely to experience greater self-motivation, engagement in the class, and improved performance. I believe there are no limits to what we can achieve; we all have an ability to realize our full potential because of our capacity to learn. What it takes to achieve academic success is determination, commitment, and most important of all a willingness to learn and grow. Believe in yourself, believe in what you can be, hold on to that vision and you will make it.

Why did you become a professor?  What motivated you to become a teacher?
The first half of my career was spent in the insurance claims industry, where my job titles included claims manager, litigation manager, and arbitrator. My career evolved into corporate training and development. The second half of my career has been involved in working with what I am most passionate about, helping adults learn and grow; both personally and professionally. I'm an educator and teach classes on-ground and online. I'm also a business consultant and run an e-commerce business with career-related services. In addition to my work an educator and businessman I am also a professional writer. I write and publish articles/blog posts related to the field of adult education. My first book, a handbook for college instructors, has been published this summer and is available for pre-sale.

What is your favorite way to learn? Do you recommend this to students?
I have had a life-long love of learning. I first obtained an undergraduate degree in Business Administration. Next, I completed a Master's in Business Administration (MBA), then a second master's in Adult Education, followed by a Certificate in Training & Performance Improvement. In 2010 I completed a Ph.D. with an emphasis in adult education. My dissertation was focused on adult learning within an online classroom environment. The first master's degree was completed in a traditional classroom environment and the rest of my class work was completed online. As you can see, I value professional development and I understand what it's like to attend class while facing other demands, such as working full-time.

Tell us about your favorite hobby or your favorite way to spend time away from work.
My hobbies include reading and working out. As to reading, I always enjoy reading literature and publications related to the field of adult education. For casual reading I enjoy motivational books and publications, such as Success Magazine. You can find me on Twitter @DrBruceJ

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