Medical Terminology Made Simple: Osteoporosis

Barry Lenson

Medical Terminology Made Simple: Osteoporosis

As a service to people who are thinking of entering the medical and medical support professions, StraighterLine is launching a series of short posts on medical terminology. Each post will define one.

Today’s medical term is . . . Osteoporosis

Everybody has heard of osteoporosis, thanks to all those television ads for drugs that fight the condition.

Osteoporosis is a very serious problem. It occurs when bone resorption exceeds bone deposit.  In other words, your body is losing bone mass more quickly than it is replacing it, with the result that your bones become weak and prone to fracture.

As you can tell from those TV ads, postmenopausal women are most susceptible to osteoporosis. That’s because certain hormones that are produced by the ovaries help bones regenerate themselves. And when the ovaries’ function diminishes after menopause, smaller quantities of those hormones are produced.

Hormone replacement therapy, exercise, and nutritional supplementation are used to treat the disorder. If you’d like to know more about current treatments, read this article about osteoporosis on the Mayo Clinic’s website.

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