Mariano Rivera to Become President of Harvard

Barry Lenson

Mariano Rivera to Become President of Harvard

Image source: Cover, The New York Times Magazine, July 4, 2010 

Okay, the title of today’s post is a joke. Mariano Rivera, the greatest closer in the history of baseball, is actually not going to leave the New York Yankees to take over the top post at Harvard.

But the fact is, he could. He could quit the Yankees and take a job as a college president without taking a devastating pay cut. As the president of an American college, he could still live very well and support his family with a jumbo income.

So Mariano, get out your tweed jacket and meerschaum pipe, because you are going to earn an income like these as a college president.

Ten Highest Paid Private College Presidents, 2009

  • Constantine N. Papadakis - Drexel University - $4,912,127
  • William R. Brody - Johns Hopkins University - $3,821,886
  • Donald V. DeRosa - University of the Pacific - $2,357,540
  • Henry S. Bienen - Northwestern University - $2,240,775
  • Nicholas S. Zeppos - Vanderbilt University - $1,890,274
  • Charles H. Polk - Mountain State University - $1,843,746
  • Shirley Ann Jackson Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute  - $1,771,877
  • Alfred H. Bloom - Swarthmore College - $1,756,293
  • Richard C. Levin - Yale University - $1,627,649
  • James L. Doti - Chapman University - $1,542,270

Please note that these figures come from The Chronicle of Higher Education’s 2009 study, Executive Compensation at Private Colleges. These are the latest figures available. Bear in mind that not all these presidents are currently found at the same colleges listed above. Several of them have left to play professional baseball.

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