March Madness!

Barry Lenson

March is the time of year when people like to do crazy things . . .

People at work devote at least an hour a day to looking at charts and betting on basketball.

People who aren’t even leaving their houses paint their faces. Then they sit on couches watching flat screens full of men and women in short pants who chase a ball from the right to the left, then the left to the right, then the right to the left, for hours.

People dress up like leprechauns, dye their food green – and then actually eat it.

People put on togas, go to the Roman forum, and stab Julius Caesar. That doesn’t happen every year, okay, but it’s another example of the lunacy that can strike at this time of year.

A Saner Kind of Madness . . .

In the March spirit, StraighterLine is making a special offer this month. We’re not putting on short pants and running back and forth. We are offering one of the greatest ways ever to start your online education.

In a special March promotion, we are going to give you your first online college course for free!

CLICK HERE to learn more and take advantage of this special promotion.

Once you’ve completed your first free online course, you can keep your momentum going by transferring your credits to the college of your choice. And that’s not all. You’ll enjoy these benefits too . . .

1. Study at your convenience –anytime, anyplace.
2. Take as much or as little time as you need to complete a course.
3. Earn easy-to-transfer college credits – Guaranteed!
4. Learn from a high-quality curriculum.
5. Get help with free live online tutor support.
6. Make a success plan with a Personal Course Advisor.
7. Choose ACE evaluated and recommended courses. 
8. Choose courses reviewed and authorized by the College Board as AP Program courses.

Those are some very sane reasons for starting your online education today at StraighterLine. It’s the only place where March madness is not so mad after all.

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