Look if You Dare! Huge Cache of College Trivia Discovered

Barry Lenson

Look if You Dare! Huge Cache of College Trivia Discovered

College TriviaWe just found the huge, immense and overwhelming database of college trivia that Inside College has made available on its website.

Don’t even look at it unless you are ready to spend hours clicking around and discovering all kinds of amazing facts about American colleges and the famous people who went to them.

Here are just a few of the trivial facts that you can discover . . .

  • Students who attend Bard College call themselves “Bardies,” students who attend Duke call themselves “Dukies,” and students who attend Emory call themselves “Emeroids.” (You better know this stuff before you apply.)
  • The University of Chicago, Cornell, and Kenyon College are American schools that closely resemble Hogwarts.
  • Brandeis University has an annual Liquid Latex party where students take off most of their clothes and apply paint to themselves and each other.
  • Adam Sandler went to NYU, Ashton Kutcher went to The University of Iowa, Brad Pitt went to The University of Missouri, and Denzel Washington went to Fordham.
  • Scenes from both “American Pie” and “Ferris Buehler’s Day Off” were filmed at Cal State Long Beach. “Scream II” was filmed at Agnes Scott College in Georgia.
  • Madonna went to The University of Michigan, Jimmy Buffett went to The University of Southern Missouri and Gwen Stefani went to Cal State Fullerton.

Those are only a few of the facts that we found on this terrific website. But be warned. If you have an exam coming up, don’t even think about looking at this site and the information is has gathered. It is just too doggone addictive.

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