Let StraighterLine Be Your Path from Home Schooling to a Church-Affiliated College

Barry Lenson

Let StraighterLine Be Your Path from Home Schooling to a Church-Affiliated College

Path from Home Schooling to a Church-Affiliated College  If you’re a high school student who has been schooled at home in a religious environment, you could be facing some important questions about college just now . . .

  • What is the right college for you?
  • How should you present your achievements and credentials when you apply to colleges?
  • Can you find a school where you can continue the faith-centered approach to learning that has worked so well for you in the past?
  • Where can you find a college that will offer you the kind of community that you want – one where faith is central?

If you are facing questions like those as you plan your college experience, perhaps you should consider starting your college-level work by taking courses online at StraighterLine, then transferring directly to a StraighterLine Partner College or University that was founded on religious beliefs. StraighterLine Partner Colleges offer a convenient, streamlined way to matriculate at a top-notch college. Better yet, you can complete all the coursework you need to qualify for admission while you are still at home – in other words, while you are still in the learning environment that you already know best.

If you choose to follow this straightforward approach to starting college, here are some StraighterLine Partner Colleges that could be great choices for you . . .

  • Concordia University Chicago (Chicago, Illinois) - A Christian university in the Lutheran tradition, Concordia University Chicago helps its students live within the ideals of a Christian life. There is an emphasis on helping students integrate their spiritual and professional lives, and on discovering ways to serve the greater good and mature in faith. Concordia’s faith community reflects the Lutheran tradition, but welcomes members of other faith denominations as well.
  • Nazarene Bible College (Colorado Springs, Colorado) - Nazarene Bible College is one of 10 Nazarene institutions of higher education in the United States.  A variety of majors and specializations are offered and since 1967, the College has fulfilled its mission of preparing men and women for ministry. The Nazarene Bible College’s stated purpose is to “glorify Jesus Christ as Lord by preparing adults to evangelizedisciple and minister to the world.”
  • The University of the Incarnate Word (San Antonio, Texas) - The University is one of the many outgrowths of the original mission that brought the Sisters of the Incarnate Word to Texas in 1869. The Sisters’ work began with the care of victims of a cholera epidemic and the establishment of the first hospital in the city, an institution recognized today as the Christus Santa Rosa Health Care Corporation. Their ministry soon spread to the care of homeless children and teaching. Today, UIW is a large, multi-faceted university that offers an exceptionally wide selection of majors and professional programs.

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