Let Online Learning Open the Door to Your Career as a Police Officer

Barry Lenson

Career as a Police Officer  What kind of work will you do if you become a police officer?

There are many answers to that question. Today, police officers do a lot more than ticket cars and patrol the streets.

Here are only a few of the many services that police officers provide today . . .

  • Develop educational programs about crime prevention for schools.
  • Council parents and their children on Internet safety.
  • Intervene in situations that impact traffic and public safety, such as fallen trees, improperly parked cars, and floods.
  • Safeguard citizens when crimes, domestic disputes and other dangerous events take place.
  • Help local merchants take steps to protect their businesses from crime.
  • Provide security and safety support at community events such as concerts, graduation ceremonies, and sporting events.
  • Investigate fraud and other white collar crimes.
  • Support first aid squads, fire departments, and other community safety-providers when needed.
  • Assist and counsel victims of crime.

Is a Career as a Police Officer a Good Choice for You?

If those opportunities to help people appeal to you, it might be a good idea to consider training for a career in criminal justice. An online course offers an effective way to find out whether it might be a good career choice for you. One course suggestion . . .

Introduction to Criminal Justice - Before you take the big step of enrolling in a full-time degree program in criminal justice, consider taking this StraighterLine course to get a taste of what your future could hold if you become a police officer.

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Careers in Criminal Justice - Free Guide

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