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Barry Lenson

Learn to Program in C++ If you’re a computer programmer or would like to be, you should take the Introduction to Programming in C++ course here at StraighterLine.  It’s a powerful online course that will earn you 4 college credits, yet it will cost you only $99 (plus a modest subscription fee).  That price includes tutoring and proctoring – and the credits you earn are guaranteed to transfer to the college of your choice.

Why You Should Learn to Program in C++

C++ is a programming language that can open many doors for you as you build your career. People who can write it find work in an especially wide variety of fields that include . . .

  • Building device drivers
  • Creating entertainment software
  • Designing and developing video games
  • Developing application software
  • Programming server and client applications
  • Writing embedded software

About Your StraighterLine Course

StraighterLine’s Programming in C++ course uses course content developed by Zyante, a cutting-edge learning company that has developed courses for Arizona State University, Iowa State University, The University of Arizona,  The University of Illinois, The University of Michigan, and others.

You’ll love your course, thanks to Zyante’s unique teaching approach that includes animations, simulations and interactive experiences.

What’s Covered in the Course?

StraighterLine’s Programming in C++ teaches the core concepts of variables, branching, loops, vectors, and functions. You’ll learn a variety of coding skills that include iterative development, code formatting, skills for avoiding common errors, and debugging techniques.

You will learn how to tackle these tasks, and many more . . . . .

  • Declare and initialize variables with valid identifiers
  • Develop programs that branch based on user input
  • Combine loops and vectors, and develop programs with multiple vectors
  • Manipulate text and floating-points during output
  • Define a variable that points to a memory location, allocate and deallocate memory

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