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Barry Lenson

Learn CPRI was in tenth grade, visiting my best high school friend. We suddenly noticed that people were talking loudly outside his house. We went out and saw that a group of neighbors was standing around a man who had fallen down and was lying on the sidewalk. The man lay still. He looked ashen. The people were standing around looking at the man, not knowing what to do. My friend and I joined the group. Nobody touched the man. After about five minutes an ambulance arrived and members of the town’s first aid squad began to minister to him. Then they put him onto a rolling gurney, loaded him into the ambulance, and drove him away. I later learned that the man had died of cardiac arrest.

That image has never quite left me. At the time, I hadn’t even heard of CPR. But over the years I have wondered whether one of us could have taken action to help the man. Who knows? If someone there had known CPR, perhaps we could have saved his life.

Over the years since then, I have made inquiries to find out how I could learn CPR. I have found classes, but never quite gotten around to taking any of them. There were always excuses. The classes were held in the evening. They required a commitment to enroll for a series of classes. Much to my personal discredit, I never signed up.

Well, I don’t have any excuses now, because StraighterLine is offering a First Aid/CPR course online. That’s right – online. I can sign up, take the classes in and around my busy schedule, and learn a skill that I should have learned years ago. If that class interests you, you can even earn college college credit for it.

So my excuses are gone, and I’m signing up. How about you?

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12 thoughts on “Learn CPR and First Aid Online”

  • f-emt

    hm. As a Firefighter-EMT, I don't think I'd want my rescuer only to be online-trained. I haven't read through this entire online course here, but don't see any provision for practicing the real CPR in what is listed as the downloadable syllabus, so but I don't see how one can physically practice the needed skills. Bookwork and head knowledge are fine and necessary, but the actual practice really are necessary as well.

    The best I see is the following caveat: "Certification: As part of the course requirements you will attend a CPR/First Aid training to become certified. This is not optional."

    Since this will cost one about the same as this "online training" and is necessary for certification, just what is the point of paying for this "online training "and then following it up with the same in a physical setting?

    • Josef Katz

      You can't get college credit by just having the CPR certificate. The course covers much more than what would be covered in a CPR course. Yes, it's a lot of book information, but it is also thinking on the fly in scenarios that are recorded and evaluated by a Certified NSC instructor. If someone needs the CPR certification only I would advise them to get that through their local Red Cross or another source. But if students are also interested in learning about First Aid or preparing to get a CPR/First Responder certification then this would be a good prep course that also would earn the student college credit.

  • Ema J. Hernandez

    I think learning CPR and first aid online is not enough. I think there is more to just having a certification.

  • Dana M. Underwood

    I want to take a CPR course as well. I do agree that CPR and first aid online courses are not enough. I think it would be much better taking the course in an actual class.

  • Gerald J. Anthony

    I don't see anything wrong about taking CPR courses online but i prefer to take it in an actual class where there will be actual demonstrations on how it should be done. I think if it's taken online, the trainings are limited.


    Although though there is nothing wrong with learning First Aid and CPR through an online course, I believe it would be more beneficial to take an actual course. I am sure if you don't have the sufficient time of day, but are very interested in learning you can make the time. Most people are better learners when they actually do hands on learning. Being physical with the course gives people the opportunity to gain better experience with what it could be like in a real life situations. When you are preforming skill drills you have the chance to have the on-sight instructor correct you and show you the proper way. In my CPR/First Aid class we had someone from Carle Hospital and help us practice CPR on a dummy that is hooked up the computer. Many had wrong arm placements and he helped us correct whether we needed more force and our hands placed lower or higher. Actual courses not only give you the chance to learn from your mistakes but from others as well.

  • A Krenz

    I think an online course is not enough for CPR. Hands on skills are the best way to succeed at something like CPR. I know the online course gives a lot of book information but I feel if you come across a situation where CPR was needed you wouldn't be able to perform as well as if you learned in a class, hands on. Many people don't put enough emphasis on how important CPR is. It can save a person's life and if you don't have the practice to do it correctly then that can effect or even take someone's life.

  • anonymous

    I think that learning FIrst Aid and CPR online is not sufficient enough. I believe that you can learn all of the correct info about performing CPR and First Aid, but until you actually get to practice is, I do not think that anyone knows what to do. The thing that our class had from the hospital told us in class how our compressions were. It let us know if we needed to go deeper, or move higher or lower on the chest. After that, I felt like I knew how to do CPR a lot better. That is why I think that people need to practice CPR before they can get certified.

  • Juisha Stroger

    I don't people should take CRP classes online. Why! Because there are alot of things that you have to learn. The people that did take CRP online thats good for you but I think that you should find a class to go to to make sure that the things you know is the correct way. Im taking up a CPR class right now at parkland college and i think the things im learning right now are something new to me and some i already know. You wouldn't never know what kinda things can happen in front of you but if you get good practice with CPR you will know what you have to do and how to do it.

  • Carly Sarff

    I do believe it is convenient to take an online CPR class although I don't believe it is very beneficial to you or the person you may be saving. Through personal experience I know how many compressions and breaths to do as learned in the classroom but when it came to applying it on a dummy who gave feedback was a different story. I never thought I was doing it wrong but when the monitor said I wasn't going deep enough on my chest compressions or the placement of my hands were a little off I was surprised and realized this feedback could save someone's life if I had to apply it in a real life situation. For that reason I feel like the CPR course should be taken in the classroom with hands on learning. I personally wouldn't want to rely on someone to save my life who has taken this course online for the reason that they wouldn't know if they were doing a certain skill correctly.

  • Erin

    Personally, I think learning CPR and First Aid should be done in the classroom. It is hands on, and you get to practice pretty much everything in class. If it was an online course, you may feel prepared, but I see it as a big disadvantage to have not practiced hands on with any of the equipment used in First Aid and CPR. Considering that these techniques have the potential to save a life, I would want to practice them on peers. Practicing would also create muscle memory, which is really important with compressions and knowing how much force to apply on someone.

  • Doe John

    There are so many situations where CPR can be used and if used properly it could save someones life. I believe that an online class may be able to teach someone how to treat a wound or perform CPR but it may not be able to teach someone proper technique. They could pass the class but never realize they have learned something wrong. If a situation occurred and I needed help I would rather be treated by someone who was certified in a classroom with an instructor that has experience and can tell me if I'm doing something wrong. So although you may learn something with an online class, the hands on training is needed in my opinion. There are a lot of skills to learn and a fully online based class can't teach those over the computer.

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