StraighterLine Student of the Month: Latoya S. Deon Saves $2,550 on One StraighterLine Course and Graduates on Time

Barry Lenson

Latoya Deon lives in California with her husband Marvin and three-year-old son M.J. She works for the California Justice Department, where she updates criminal background checks.

Latoya’s story is even more interesting. Here’s how StraighterLine helped her graduate from college on time on August 9th.

Latoya’s StraighterLine Story Begins

Just a few months ago, Latoya was doing her best to complete work for her Bachelor’s degree at the University of San Francisco. But she needed to complete one more elective – an introduction to philosophy course - before she could graduate.

“I was searching and searching,” she says. “My advisor sent me a list of options that I could use. I went home with that list and I went through them all very carefully.  StraighterLine came out on top. StraighterLine offered an Introduction to Philosophy course, and my school approved it.”

How Much Money Did She Save?

Latoya estimates that a three-credit Introduction to Philosophy Course at the University of San Francisco would have cost her $2,700.  “My StraighterLine course cost me a total of $150, which is exactly what they said it would cost,” she says. To keep her cost at that level, she signed up for a $99 monthly StraighterLine subscription and paid $49 for her course. But she stayed on track, and saved about $2,550 by using StraighterLine.

What Was the Course Like?

“I was able to move ahead at my own pace,” Latoya explains. “But of course, I had to move ahead fast so I could complete my course on time and graduate. If I had questions, they were answered right away.”

“I had one scary experience,” she adds. “During my final exam, my computer shut down. Shut down! But my proctor called me on the phone and got me up and running again.”

Latoya also enjoyed the content of the course – learning about Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, and also about important later philosophers. “I really found Kant’s philosophy fascinating,” she says. So she found the course to be not just credit-earning, but fulfilling too.

Getting Her Credits Transferred

To graduate on time, Latoya needed to be sure that her credits were quickly accepted by the University of San Francisco.  “I made it clear that I needed that to happen quickly, and it did!” she says.

How Satisfied Is She with StraighterLine?

“I have recommended StraighterLine to other students,” Latoya tells us. “It is simply a better option. It was a great overall experience, and I will definitely use StraighterLine again.”

Latoya’s Future Plans

Latoya reports that she would like to earn a Master’s degree in the future. “But not now,” she adds. “I’ve got my job and at the moment, I have a little son who I want to be with.”

All of us at StraighterLine wish her more happiness and success in all that she does.

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