Kickoff to . . . September?

Barry Lenson

back to schoolIt’s May. Why would you be thinking about September? You should just kick back and enjoy summer, right?

Well, maybe. But the fact is, May could be the best time of all for students to be planning for September, for some pretty compelling reasons like these . . .

  • You’ve got to take some MONSTER COURSE in September. Only you know what that course will be. It’s the one that causes your current sleeplessness or sweaty palms. It could be Calculus or Physics.  But if you confront your fears and take that course online this summer, you will increase the chances that you will really nail that course when the summer is over. You might just sleep better too.
  • Your fall term promises to be the SEMESTER FROM HELL. Only you know why. Maybe you still have required courses to finish before you can graduate. Maybe three courses that are required for your major will all be offered at your college at once, and you’ll have to take them all and work so hard that your brain stem will unscrew from its little socket. But you can ease things up by taking other, non-major-related courses online over the summer months.
  • You’re about to start college and you’re WORRIED THAT YOU ARE GOING TO SCREW UP. Of course you won’t.  But down deep, you’re worried that you won’t be able to handle all those core curricular courses. But here’s a solution. You can knock off one or two of those courses online over the summer and chase the stress away.
  • You actually would like to HAVE FUN when you go back to school in September, instead of working so hard that your life will be living hell. Again, the solution to this problem could be to take some college courses online this summer, so you don’t have to work too hard when you take them again in September.  Or you could knock those courses off this summer, get your credits transferred to your college – and then cross those courses off the list of courses that you’ll have to take next year.

So even though your thoughts are centered on having a great summer, this could be a good time to think about the fall. If you take some courses now, you could be thanking yourself in September when the leaves start to yellow and fall.

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