Keepin’ It Small ... Microbiology Course Now Available

Barry Lenson

Keepin’ It Small ... Microbiology Course Now AvailableWe’re very pleased to announce that you are now able to study Microbiology at StraighterLine. Actually, you are able to choose from two Microbiology courses. One will be regular old Microbiology. The other will be Microbiology with a lab component, created for those of you who need to take science courses with lab components before you can graduate.

Microbiology has been requested more than any other course by students who contact StraighterLine to ask about available classes. So there must be something especially desirable about the subject.

What, exactly, is Microbiology? Why do so many people want to study it? I just did some searching online, and here’s what I learned.

Microbiology is the study of one-celled and other microorganisms. It is also the study of how those little organisms interact with other organisms, like other plants and animals.

You might think that you don’t know much about the topic. However, chances are that you know more than you would like to. If you ever visited a foreign country and got diarrhea and other intestinal problems after tangling with local food or water, you had a close encounter of the unpleasant kind with microbiology. (One nasty little microorganism was lurking in whatever you ate, and it attacked you. You are the big organism. Get it?) And if you ever got the flu or a bad cold, that was a microbiological experience too. Ditto for an infection, red eye, meningitis, and a ton of other ills that we SINCERELY hope you never encountered.

If you study Microbiology at the college level here at StraighterLine, will you be immune from all those diseases, eruptions, and other unpleasant experiences? No, you won’t. But you will be able to graduate college, and that could be even better. And along the way, you are going to learn some really interesting stuff.

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