Jerked Around: More and More American College Applicants Get Wait Listed

Barry Lenson

Jerked Around: More and More American College Applicants Get Wait Listed

Jerked Around: College Applicants Get Wait Listed  Students who are applying to college are pretty patient. By the time they apply to college, they have already been thinking for years about going to college. Then they do all the hard work to get their applications submitted on time. Then they wait for until April rolls around and acceptance letters come.

But it turns out that for a growing number of American students, April is only the time when they need to get ready to wait some more. Why? Because more and more of them are being put on college wait lists. In many cases, they will have to cool their heels until summer before they get informed of final decisions about whether they will be offered admission into the colleges of their choice.

How many students are being wait-listed these days? According to “Colleges Leave Applicants Waiting,” an article by Bonnie Miller Rubin in The Chicago Tribune, the number of colleges who are wait-listing students is on the rise. She cites statistics from the National Association for College Admissions Counseling to support her opinion. Those figures show that in 2010, 48% of colleges used wait lists. That’s an increase from 39% in 2009, and 35% in 2008. And at the same time, the percentage of wait-listed students who were offered admission fell from 34% to 28%.

We all know that many colleges are having a difficult time filling their freshman classes with strong students. But being put on a wait list punishes students who have met all the requirements for admission and done all the hard work that was demanded of them.

Just because colleges have a fear of commitment is no reason for American students to suffer.

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