It’s Not Too Late to Start School in September

Barry Lenson

Go Back To SchoolA quick look at your calendar will tell you that the days are ticking off quickly toward September, the traditional start of the school year. But even if you haven’t enrolled in college yet, we have some good news for you. It’s not too late.

The old rules are changing – the rules that said that to start college in September, you needed to apply to colleges the previous January, take your SATs in February or March, receive your acceptance letters in April, then send in your deposit.

That calendar is no longer in force. If you want to start college in September, you still can, thanks to StraighterLine. With StraighterLine, you can . . .

  • Start your college studies right now, by simply enrolling in online college courses.
  • Launch a long-term plan for college success, by planning to transfer the credits you earn to one of StraighterLine’s excellent Partner Colleges, or another college of your choice.
  • Take college courses over the summer that let you “test drive college courses” before you enroll in college full-time.

So if you want to start studying in September, your timing is great! Browse StraighterLine’s catalog, sign up for some online college courses, and start building a brighter future today.

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