It’s Not too Late to Go Back to School in September

Barry Lenson

It’s Not too Late to Go Back to School in September

Go Back to School in September  It’s August, 2012. All over America, students are heading off to college. Freshmen are already at orientation. Older students are packing their bags and heading back to school.

If you’re not one of them – and if you’d like to be – don’t sweat it. And don’t beat yourself up. Chances are that you have a valid reason why you’ve been unable to go to a regular brick-and-mortar college in September. Maybe you just don’t have enough money. Maybe you’ve been unwilling to start taking loans to pay for your education. Maybe you have family responsibilities that are keeping you from jumping into college studies full-time. Maybe you’re in the active military, or just about to return to civilian life. Or maybe you’re dealing with a health problem, or someone in your family is.

But it’s not too late. You can start college next month – in fact, you can start today – if you decide to take college courses online.  You have a lot of options, as you will discover if you do a search online for “online courses.”

You’ll discover that there are plenty of online course offerings out there. But before you sign up and get started, here are some recommendations . . .

  • Be sure it is possible to get college credit for any courses you take. More and more universities – even prestigious ones – are offering free online lecture courses. But they do not allow you to earn college credit.
  • Be sure you can afford to take the courses. “Online” doesn’t always mean “low-cost.”
  • Check out course quality before you sign up or pay any money. Not all online courses offer good quality or good student support.

Incidentally, you’ll find that the college courses available at StraighterLine meet all the above criteria. They are credit-worthy, affordable, and high-quality. StraighterLine’s groundbreaking Freshman Year of College for $999 program offers one of the best values in American education today. Or if you prefer, you can enroll in just one or two courses to get your education rolling.

So don’t worry too much if September is knocking on your door and you haven’t made plans to start college yet. Today is a great day to get started.

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