It's a Winter Wonderland for Online Students

Barry Lenson

It's a Winter Wonderland for Online Students

Unless you’ve been living in a hole with a groundhog, you know that this has been one of the toughest winters on record.  But as sleet and snow have been pelting windows and streets, online students everywhere have been discovering even more advantages of distance learning courses. . .

  • There’s no need to scrape off your car and drive to class on treacherous streets.
  • No need to put on galoshes and trudge across campus either.
  • If you’re sick with a cold, you can sit at your computer and wheeze without getting scowls from the student at the next desk.
  • If you feel chilly, you can layer on tons of old clothes and not worry about the fashion statement you are making.
  • No parka? No problem! Just fire up your ‘puter and study at home.  You can even do it in bed.
  • You can take your computer to your favorite ski resort and keep going to college when you’re not on the slopes.  Who ever thought that college could be an après-ski activity?
  • You can take class while slurping tea or soup.
  • If you drive a snowplow, you can screw your laptop onto the dashboard and take college Algebra online while you are clearing city streets.

Okay, the last one is a stretch. But the rest aren’t. There’s no doubt about it – the flexibility of online classes makes it the school of choice in summer, spring, winter or fall.

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