Is Your Class Schedule a Mess?

Barry Lenson

Is Your Class Schedule a Mess?

As spring semester starts, college students are telling us that their class schedules are crazy, bizarre, sadistic . . . and worse. Here are a few tales from the trenches . . .

The return of night school – We know one student at an Ivy League institution that seems to have morphed into a night school. Out of the five courses she will take this spring, three will meet just once a week, in the evenings. And the classes will be long, at three hours. She says this is happening because the school is attracting more part-time students who work during the day. But she doesn’t like it one bit. In the evenings when she could be studying or (gasp!) having fun, she will be sitting under fluorescent lights in a classroom.

The spring trip to somewhere – Another student is taking a marine biology course that won’t have regular classes during the spring semester. Instead, the whole class will go on a field trip during spring break. So the students are giving up their vacation so they can go somewhere, paddle around in boats, and take an inventory of sea worms. Okay, maybe sea worms are your thing. But don’t you deserve a vacation?

The wake-up call – A student at a large state school tells us that he has to get to the classroom at 8:00 A.M., three days a week. And on those days, his next classes fall in the late afternoon. Okay, this kind of schedule can come with the territory for students. College is a place to work hard, not a country club, right? But much as this kid would like to head to the library to hit the books every afternoon between classes, he reports that he usually goes back to bed in the late morning and snores through the afternoon.

What’s the cure?

iCollege is one solution to this problem. As you’ve read before on this blog, distance learning courses at StraighterLine let you study where you want, when you want.

If you’re a current college student, you can take just one online class and do your coursework for it around your other courses - in the afternoon, the evening, whenever. You can even take your laptop into your rowboat and take classes while you watch the sea worms at play. If that’s not flexibility, what is?

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