Is There Such a Thing as an Online Prep School?

Barry Lenson

Is There Such a Thing as an Online Prep School?

Online Prep School

Not too long ago, the idea of an online college seemed pretty far-fetched to most people. But as we know, online colleges, and online college courses, are widely available today. What was once unthinkable is now becoming commonplace.

Those changes make us wonder, is there such a thing as an online prep school too? And if not, why not? After all, lots of students could benefit from online preparation for college success.

An online search for the terms “online prep school” and “online high school” doesn’t turn up much in search results. But if you’re interested in finishing up your high school online, or preparing for college that way, the fact is that online study can be a very big help indeed.

Some suggestions . . .

  • Take college-level courses online to help you strengthen weak areas and prepare for college study. If you found algebra or U.S. history difficult in high school, for example, you can take courses online and put those problems in the past.
  • Build your writing skills by studying online. Many college applicants need help in this area, and can benefit from taking a writing course online before applying to college.
  • Take courses online to improve your study skills and boost your preparation for college. StraighterLine’s Student Success Course is one option.

So is there such a thing as an online prep school? Even though you might not find one by Googling for the term, the fact is that more options exist than ever before for using online learning to increase your chances of getting into college. If you get clicking and get learning, chances are that the doors of a good college could swing open for you.

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