Information that Colleges Don't Want You to Know

Barry Lenson

If you haven’t downloaded your copy of our free report, Eight Secrets that Colleges Don’t Want You to Know, why not get yours now?

Here’s a peek at some of the insider information you will find inside this free report . . .

Some colleges want to you to apply – so they can reject you. They do it because a high rejection rate nets them a higher ranking in the annual college ratings issue that U.S. News publishes.

Free ReportColleges are exaggerating the amount of financial aid that they offer. A college might claim that “Sixty-four percent of all students receive some form of financial assistance.” But it could be handing out small scholarships to lots of students to drive that figure up – while failing to meet the financial needs of deserving students.

The most famous professors at some universities never enter a classroom. Yes, their names appear in the catalog. But they’re really doing research behind closed doors or showing up on campus once or twice a year – just so the college can keep their names on the books to attract more students.

Colleges continue to give highly preferential treatment to “legacy” applicants (the children of alumni). The reason? Alumni give more money than the parents of other students do.

Whether you’re applying to college or are already attending one, download your free report. The information it contains could save you both time and money.

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