Improve Your Business Skills with Competency-Based Learning

Improve Your Business Skills with Competency-Based Learning
Beth Dumbauld

With only 29% of enrolled college undergraduates identifying as traditional students, too many college programs are providing facilities and services that working adults just don't need.That's why schools offering competency based programs are becoming increasingly critical to adults who need to fill skills gaps and earn the credentials they need.

Chief Learning Officer editor Kate Everson highlights a new study by Michelle R. Weise, a senior research fellow in higher education at the Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation, that shows how "competency-based learning is another way business and academics are connecting to fill the skills gap," in an article she wrote for the Chief Learning Officer blog:

"In competency-based learning, being “good enough” at something isn’t how you get your degree, but rather how it starts the learner out."

That's just one of the key insights from Kate's article, which makes the case that "students aren't the only ones who benefit from competency based education, employers are increasingly turning to CBE to assist employees in filling skills gaps they may be now required on the job."

StraighterLine is also helping to pave the way for the competency-based education movement with ultra affordable online courses and degree pathways to competency based degree programs.

Check out Kate’s post to learn how competency based education is helping to fill gaps in business skills:

Read Original Article at Chief Learning Officer


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