How Veterans and Military Personnel Can Use DSST Tests to Earn College Credit

Barry Lenson

Does StraighterLine or DSST Offer You Greater Speed or Better Value?

Even though this is the StraighterLine Blog, we encourage you to investigate all your educational options and be sure that you are making the choices that fit your situation best. But here's a suggestion. If you already know a lot about one of the subjects that are tested on aDSST exam, it would make a lot of sense to go ahead, take the test, and see if you can earn some college credits easily.

StraighterLine offers you a different kind of opportunity. If you want to earn college credits in a subject area that is new to you - or complete a required course in order to graduate - the StraighterLine is definitely the way to go. Some StraighterLine students report that they can complete a full college course in only a few weeks, espeically at quiet times of the year like the summer.

Which works better? It depends on your situation. Ultimately, the choice is up to you.

If you’ve been eager to turn your life experiences into college credits, chances are that you already know about the CLEP and AP exams.

But do you know about the DSST tests? DSST stands for DANTES Subject Standardized Tests. DANTES in turn stands for the United States Department of Defense’s Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) program.

That’s a bit confusing, right? But it won’t be if you visit the official DSST website or an additional page of DSST information provided online by  You’ll learn that DSST Exams are administered at of the National Testing Centers and at more than 500 military installations. Here are some of the subject area tests you can take to earn college credits . . .


    • Fundamentals of College Algebra
    • Principles of Statistics


Social Science

      • Art of the Western World
      • Contemporary Western Europe: 1946-1990
      • An Introduction to the Modern Middle East
      • Human/Cultural Geography
      • Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union
      • A History of the Vietnam War
      • The Civil War and Reconstruction
      • Foundations of Education
      • Lifespan Developmental Psychology
      • General Anthropology
      • Substance Abuse
      • Introduction to Law Enforcement
      • Criminal Justice
      • Fundamentals of Counseling



      • Principles of Finance
      • Principles of Financial Accounting
      • Human Resource Management
      • Organizational Behavior
      • Principles of Supervision
      • Business Law II
      • Introduction to Computers
      • Introduction to Business
      • Money and Banking
      • Personal Finance
      • Management Information Systems
      • Business Mathematics
      • Business Ethics and Society



      • Astronomy
      • Here's to Your Health
      • Environment and Humanity: The Race to Save the Planet
      • Principles of Physical Science
      • Physical Geology



      • Technical Writing



      • Ethics in America
      • Introduction to World Religions
      • Principles of Public Speaking


Are DSST Exams Only for Military Members and Vets?

The answer to that question is no! The exams can be taken by just about anyone who wants an alternative, convenient way to earn college credits for life experience. Do be aware, however, that colleges and universities have different policies about awarding credit hours to students who have taken them.

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