How to Win at StraighterLine Jeopardy

Barry Lenson

How to Win at StraighterLine Jeopardy

Your dream has come true. You’re a contestant on Jeopardy! And better yet, there are only five minutes left in the show and you are leading the other candidates by $5,000.

They look worried. You feel great. What could possibly go wrong? The category for the final question is “Education.” Even better! What could Alex Trebek possibly ask that you don’t already know about learning and school? So you bet $3,000 that you can answer correctly.

After the commercial break, the question appears. To your surprise, it is . . .

What are the three ways that StraighterLine students can transfer credit hours?

You write down your answer, smile, and then take a side glance at the other candidates, who don’t look too confident.

Alex calls on the candidate to your right, whose answer is “By telegraph, carrier pigeon and Facebook.” WRONG! Alex chuckles.

Alex next calls on the candidate to your left, who has answered by entering a question mark on her blue screen. She shrugs. Alex apologizes, and then turns to you.

Your answer? “What are a partner college, ACE transfer, and direct transfer to a college of your choice?”

“That’s right!” Alex answers. Then he announces that you’re the daily winner, with $28,000.” Not bad for 30 minutes of work, all because you knew how StraighterLine credits transfer.

So how do StraighterLine credits transfer? Just in case you’re ever on Jeopardy, here’s what you need to know about your three choices  . . .

  1. You can transfer credits by enrolling in a StraighterLine Partner College. Each Partner College’s page on the StraighterLine website has a chart showing the StraighterLine courses that will transfer in, along with their course equivalents.
  2. You can transfer credit by using ACE Credit. Credits for StraighterLine college-level courses should transfer with no problem into colleges listed on the ACE credit page. Remember, however, that every school has the discretion to accept credit for ACE credit recommendations as it sees fit. So be sure to check your target school’s policies.
  3. You can transfer your credits to hundreds of other colleges and universities. Students are doing it all the time. Do speak with the college where you want to transfer your credits, however. StraighterLine credits may require a separate course review.

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